Individually Registered Blankies...Not Just Cute!
Each handmade k.t.duds blankie is individually numbered and can be registered to your child. Should it be lost and found, we will return the blankie to you.

Consider it Free Blankie Insurance!

A blankie can be a tremendous source of comfort and security to a child, and knowing that blankie will often be tagging along,  k.t.duds blankies are the perfect size for little hands and constant companionship. Our registry ensures that the heartbreak of a lost blankie is something no child (or parent) will have to experience.

Made with three distinctly different textures, our blankies will stimulate your baby visually as well as their sense of touch. Our bright prints are backed with a luxuriously soft, color-coordinated, textured microfiber on the reverse.  Finally, they each have a silky, satin 2-inch border.
All k.t.duds blankies are handmade in the U.S.A.

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